Asking for references for a job

If you are in the process of applying for jobs or are completing application forms you may be asked to provide references. You need to be sure that the person who is recommending you for employment is willing and able to give you a good reference. This is vitally important as having a good reference can be the difference between getting the job offered to you or not. It is also important to check with the person whom you are intending to give as a reference that you have their permission to do so. You need to do this before you give their name and contact details.

Over recent years some companies have refused to give references to employees due to the fact that they could be sued if they give a bad one and that it is not any benefit to them to give one. Some companies however will still ask for them and you need to think carefully about who you are going to ask.

Previous employers are always a must and although you may be able to give another name for a character reference, employers are the best option for job applications. If your current employers doesn’t know you are applying for jobs then you may need to give a previous employer and ask if your current employer can only be contacted if and when you are offered the job.