Are you satisfied in your job?

Many people feel that they are not satisfied in their current job role and yet the majority of people keep quiet and carry on day to day. If you are not finding that you get any job satisfaction then there are a few points you should consider. Firstly you need to find out why you are not satisfied. The common factors that contribute towards lack of job satisfaction are usually:

  • Pay – feeling that you are not being paid enough or that others on par or with less responsibility than you are being paid more
  • Working hours / shifts – if you have to work long hours or night shifts for example, you may feel like you have little spare time for hobbies or spending time with the family
  • Boredom – many people feel bored in their job if it is very repetitive or if they are not allowed enough responsibility
  • Issues with co workers – if you do not get along with your co workers you may not look forward to going to work
  • Issues with management – if you struggle to get on with your manager or boss or feel that they do not listen to concerns you may have this can lead to an unsatisfying job role.

Once you have figured out why you are unhappy you can start to see how and if it can be changed. For example, if you are not happy with your pay then you could go and speak to the manager about having a raise and why you think you deserve more money.